MAG 250/254 Reviews

MAG 254 Where To Buy

This is a review of MAG 250/254 box. I recently ordered it from, which is by the way a great MAG service provider.

TVLuux Monthly Service Provider IPTV
MAG 254 from


What Is MAG 250/254?

Mag 250 is a programmable hosting solution for IPTV service providers. It does have a few apps, but more designed to offer a locked down IPTV solution. This type of equipment is usually retailed and paired with subscription based service / channel packages & video on demand content.

For a Smart type solution where you can download apps, find free content and films (no hosted or paid for service provider). You should look more to an Android/linux based box. Though these need careful setting up and whilst give you a lot of free content, however are different to use than a traditional set top box & some do find more complex. With this type of equipment you can add a VPN. is a great webshop with fast deliver. I recommend to order it this MAG service provider. They even have monthly subscriptions.

TVLuux - MAG 250 Service Provider Monthly Fee
MAG 254 from

MAG 250 IPTV Channels

The delivery for MAG 250 was quickly from The box high-quality was more then what i envisioned.

I acquired the MAG 250 two weeks back and i have to say, i am amazed. The superior: straightforward to set up, accomplished via a third social gathering with Sky UK. The downloaded computer software replaces the default software program and is easy and intuitive. We are unrestricted cable and OTA set up only simply because just could not stomach our local cable payments any more time.

Great for out of place people who want a taste of ‘the old country’ – 100’s of channels, around 70 in english + about twenty athletics channels

  • All the sky channels
  • Three ESPN channels
  • All five TSN channels
  • Sportsnet
  • And some others

Pointless to say – with addition to Netflix – we are not seeking for programming. The bad: not accurate hd, i predicted this so not a stress – resolution is someplace involving hd and common definition. The feed will pause for a second from time to time, can be aggravating from time to time (2 instances in a moment is the highest frequency) but most of the time several hours with no issues.

MAG 250 Review

I bought my MAG 250 from a 3rd party ( I two weeks trial on a server & i am impressed with the quality of the streams.

The stalker GUI is very easy on the eye & the HD beIN Sports streams are as good as a legit HD subscription. Some of the other channels such as sport has very good quality. The sports HD channels are great even HD.

I am reluctant to pay his monthly price ATM as it seems like its a re-share from IPTV deals & is not much cheaper. The internet browser within stalker does not seem to work, nothing happens when i select it.

The video club is excellent, dunno whether its built into stalker or part of my “sub” though.

Struggling at the moment trying to get m3u files to open. I have realized stalker wont even see them i have to go into “Inner Portal” to see them but at the mo i cant get them to play.

Only had it less than a week so still learning but its a box with real potential.

MAG 254 Pros & Cons

I bought my MAG 254 from Very fast deliver and great support.

TVLuux - MAG 250 Service Provider Monthly Fee
TVLuux is one of the best MAG 254 service provider.


  • MAG254 – Solid performer
  • Great device at a great price. Seriously, you’re wise to get it!
  • Great Box, small
  • great little box
  • Extremely Satisfied Customer
  • I like it so far


  • It failed after two weeks. From one day to another I can only see a black screen even due the pilot light is on.



MAG 254 Is More Powerful than MAG 250

I like MAG 254 so far. It is an amazing piece of hardware.

MAG 254 is a must buy. The delivery was fast. The box quality was more then what i expected. It work fast and clean picture. Will order more.

  • FULL IPTV Premium Suppliers of Mag 254
  • Mag 254HD Latest & fastest box with double the memory of mag 250
  • BEST IPTV provider
  • Support for 3D Video
  • Quick Data Processing



What is MAG 254?

The MAG254 is your best box solution by Infomir. Infomir is a European manufacturing organization.

TVLuux MAG 254 IPTV Monthly Subscription.png

The device is specific for World wide web vendors, content material aggregators and program integrators and is utilized for launching interactive TV expert services sent more than IP based mostly networks (IPTV/VoD/ОТТ).

MAG254 presents a faster and more powerful 650 MHz media processor (STi Н207), additionalRAM 512 MB and HDMI 1.4A interface supporting the highest online video resolution. Elevated general performance permits for useful resource-intensive programs and more playback features such as 3D Online video. Two USB ports of MAG254 give added options for close users which includes Internet link via WiFi, media material playback from video clip and image cameras and other media products, recording to an exterior storage. The S/PDIF output makes sure the maximum top quality of audio output. playback hold off in online video streaming compatibility with different transportation protocols (UPnP, SAMBA) subtitling guidance audio track picking out. The MAG254 STB is built-in with the articles safety methods Protected Media. The remedy supports distant access, monitoring and set up (partly by means of JavaScript API). MAG254 is a exclusive open platform.


First thought when taking it out the box was wow its tiny but looks really nice. I do in fact like the fact that MAG 254 is  small as it is easy to take round to friends to show them it running. The only bad things i can think of about its size is that it does not have a internal HDD and if you have a HDMI cable that is trying to coil back up it can move the box.

Software runs smoothly and is responsive. Youtube works well as do the other apps on it, the menu is easy to navigate.

For some reason it does not want to find any of the 3 usb stick i have plugged in but finds my 2tb external hdd with no problems, i have also been unable to get it to connect with my pc to grab files from it but im almost 100% that is user error and win7 as i hate trying to configure networks.

As for tv service the one i have had a short test with you can not tell the difference with itv on a freeview box and on the MAG 254 through IPTV and HD channels look the same too, obviously the amount of channels via IPTV is not as vast at the moment but as for quality you cant tell the difference, EPG on the service is also really good too.

Overall i would recommend this MAG 254 from

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